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UVW Series Betacam

Models Overview Features Specifications
Superior Audio/Video Quality
  • Outstanding picture quality, thanks to the Betacam SP format
  • Two longitudinal audio channels with Dolby C-type Noise Reduction System
  • More than 35 minutes of recording time using the S-size Metal Betacam SP cassettes
Compact, Lightweight and Well Balanced
  • Compact and lightweight 7.3kg (16 lb 2 oz, including the viewfinder, battery, cassette and x14 zoom lens)
  • Long operation time, more than 60 minutes continuous operation with a single NP-1B battery
  • Low power consumption 20W
Camera Features
  • Equipped with three 1/2-inch IT Power HADTM CCD sensors
  • High sensitivity of F11.0 at 2000lx
  • Drastic reduction of vertical smear
  • Horizontal resolution of 700 TV lines
  • High signal-to-noise ratio of 58dB
  • Provided with various automatic functions such as:
    • Auto Tracing White Balance (ATW)
    • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
    • Automatic Exposure (AE)
    • Intelligent Auto Iris
  • Clear ScanTM function range from 50.0 to 201.5Hz
  • Variable speed electronic shutter (OFF, 1160, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000 seconds)
  • VCL-714BX x14 zoom lens
  • DXF-601 CE (1. 5-inch viewfinder) assures comfortable operation
  • 26-pin VTR interface capability to feed component, Y/C as well as composite signals
  • Menu function for setting parameters
  • Viewfinder indication include zebra video indication, safety zone and centre marker generator
  • Built-in colour bar generator
  • Supplied detachable shotgun type microphone
Video Features
  • Record review function
  • Full colour playback with optional VA-300P Playback Adapter
  • Luminance or CTDM viewfinder playback
  • Built-in EBU time code (LTC/User Bits) generator and reader with external time code gen lock capability (REC RUN/ FREE RUN, PRESET/ REGENERATION functions)
  • 8-digit LCD display
  • Real Time/Real Date recording function
  • Tape remaining time indication in LCD display and in the viewfinder
  • Back space editing capability
  • Full function control (Fast Forward/Rewind/Play/ Stop/Eject)
  • Built-in digital hours meter
  • Built-in power supply for external microphone (+48V, CH-1/2)
  • Built-in speaker
  • Built-in menu function
  • Level control for Audio CH-1 located near to the viewfinder for easy access

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