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UVW Series Betacam

Models Overview Features Specifications
Superior Audio/Video Quality
  • Outstanding picture quality, thanks to the Betacam SP format
  • More than 100 minutes of playback time using L-size Metal Betacam SP cassettes
  • Two longitudinal audio channels with the Dolby C-type Noise Reduction System
Versatile System Control
  • Built-in Time Base Stabiliser with advanced high quality digital dropout compensation
  • Built-in EBU time code (LTC/User Bits) reader
  • D-sub 25-pin interface complied with RS-232C for external computer operation
  • Y/R-Y/B-Y component signal output via BNC switchable to RGB outputs
  • Composite output connectors
  • S-video (Y/C separate) output connector
User Friendly Operation
  • Auto repeat function
  • High speed picture search provides recognizable colour picture at up to 5 times normal speed in forward and reverse (16 times in monochrome) with the optional SVRM- 1 00A Remote Control Unit
  • Built-in character generator to monitor display information such as VTR status, time code, self-diagnostic message, set-up menu, etc.
  • Initial set-up menu to preset various detailed operational parameters
Enhanced Reliability and Serviceability
  • Digital hours meter
  • Built-in self-diagnostics
  • Warning indicator to prevent misconnection and misoperation
User Friendly Installation
  • Compact and lightweight 4 units high, approx. 17.5kg (38 lb 9 oz), 19-inch rack mountable and low power consumption (63W)

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