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This is one of the early Betacam non-SP machines which only accepts small format cassettes
This is a playback only Betacam SP machine. It has 4 channels of audio (two FM plus two Linear tracks) and a VITC timecode reader.
This is a playback only Betacam SP machine with Dynamic tracking for noise free pictures. It has four channels of audio and a VITC timecode reader.
This is an edit controller recorder/player Betacam SP machine. With four channels of sound and both VITC and LTC timecode.
This is an edit controllable recorder/player Betacam SP machine. Similar to the BVW-70 it also incorporates Dynamic Tracking along with four audio tracks and VITC timecode. It is well established as the workhorse machine of the analogue Betacam range.
This is the player only companion to the PVW 2800. It marks the introduction of affordable Betacam models with many of the advanced features that are not present in the UVW budget series. This range boasts Dynamic Tracking for noise free playback and VITC timecode capabilities.
This model is the edit controller of the PVW range. It is a fully featured VTR and is capable of interfacing to industry standard RS-422 edit controllers.
This is a basic playback only Betacam SP machine. It is user friendly and is extremely easy to operate.
This is a basic record/playback Betacam VTR. It is equipped with composite, S-video and RGB inputs/outputs. It is also equipped with Dolby C for improved audio playback.
This is an RS-422 (9-pin) edit controllable playback only machine. It offers external TBC control and linear time code output.
This model is intended as a single frame recorder to be used in conjunction with Computer Graphic generated material.
This is the most popular machine of the UVW series. It is an edit controllable recorder/player which features component, S-video and composite video inputs and outputs. It also is the only VTR of the range to have a linear time-code input as well as output.
Betacam SP One-piece Camcorder with 26-pin interface allowing component, Y/C and composite connections.


Betacam SP
9-Pin (RS422) Controllable
Noise reduction
Dynamic Tracking