BVW Series Betacam

The most important thing to note about this model is that it is BETACAM format and not BETACAM SP. As such it uses the oxide format BCT series of tapes which are only available in small format giving a maximum recording time of 30 minutes. A quick look at the rear of the unit will reveal that the component video input/output is via a circular 12-pin connector and not the familiar triple of BNC connectors. Remote control is via RS422 9-pin and 36 pin connectors. There is also a U-matic style 7-pin DUB connector. These demonstrate the age of the unit and it's place as the successor to the U-matic format machines.

The BVW-40 has two, linear, audio tracks with Dolby C noise reduction. It has full edit capabilities and includes a built in linear Time Code reader/generator.