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Superior Picture Quality

The adoption of the world standard Betacam SP recording format results in the superior picture quality of the PVW-2800P. This format uses the component recording, in which the chrominance signals (R-Y, B-Y) are time compressed and recorded on one track, using the CTDM (Compressed Time Division Multiplex) system originally developed by Sony, while the luminance (Y) signal is recorded on a separate track. Therefore cross colour and cross luminance effects do not exist in this system. This component two-track recording technology is combined with high frequency FM carriers for each track, providing very wide bandwidths for both the luminance and chrominance signals. Thus pictures with detailed luminance and chrominance information can be reproduced. These characteristics create the excellent multi-generation picture performance of the Betacam SP format.

In order to obtain the maximum performance of the Betacam SP format, the PVW-2800P uses metal particle tapes exclusively for recording. Of course, it can play back both metal and oxide tapes and assures the two-way playback compatibility with BVW series Betacam SP VTRs.

High Audio Quality

The PVW-2800P provides two longitudinal audio channels. Thanks to the tape speed of the format and the adoption of the proven DolbyTM C-type NR (Noise Reduction), the PVW-2800P offers high quality audio with a wide dynamic range even at high frequencies, minimum distortion and excellent S/N ratio.

Longer Operating Time

The PVW-2800P accepts both L-size and S-size cassettes, giving operating times of over 100 minutes and over 35 minutes respectively.

Both grades of Sony Betacam SP videocassettes, the BCT series and the SBT series, can be used in the PVW-2800P. For the highest possible performance, the BCT series is recommended.

Compact and Lightweight

Compactness and lightweight are key factors designed into the PVW-2800P, which weighs approximately 25kg (55 lb 2 oz), and is 5 units high (19-inch rack mountable). The power consumption is 150 W.

VTR to VTR Comprehensive Editing Facility

The PVW-2800P provides a comprehensive, built-in VTR to VTR editing facility.

In addition to the insert and assemble edit functions, which are equipped with auto preview / review, the PVW-2800P also provides an audio split editing capability with independent IN and OUT memories. The PVW-2800P meets the requirements of a modern editing system, having frame-by-frame editing point trim, selectable pre-roll time and auto edit in/out functions, delivering frame accurate editing without any additional control hardware.

With its DMC (Dynamic Motion Control) editing function, the PVW-2800P can perform slow motion editing, when a DTTM equipped VTR, such as the BVW-65P or BVW-75P, with RS-422A communication is used as the player VTR.

Built-in Time Base Corrector

The PVW-2800P is provided with a built-in TBC (Time Base Corrector) as standard. A superior quality output video is obtained directly from the PVW-2800P, with no additional time base correction required. Advanced high quality digital dropout compensation also ensures consistent picture performance.

TBC Remote Control

In addition to the built-in TBC adjustment of the PVW-2800P, remote adjustments may be performed using the optional BVR-50P connected via the D-sub 15-pin cable to the rear panel connector (TBC REMOTE).

Built-in Time Code Generator / Reader

The generation and reading of both VITC (Vertical Interval Time Code) and LTC (Longitudinal Time Code) to the EBU format, together with user bits, come as standard in the PVW-2800P, LTC can be automatically recorded on the dedicated time code track. Time code or user bits settings can be easily executed using the HOLD/SET button and the search dial located on the control panel. External / internal time code, REGEN / PRESET or REC-RUN / FREE-RUN selections are available on the subcontrol panel.

Character Display

The PVW-2800P is provided with a built-in character generator and characters can be superimposed on the signals from Video Output 3 or the Monitor Output. It displays time code generator/reader data (VITC/LTC/U-BIT) and CTL timer data. VTR function status, including shuttle tape speed, can also be displayed by accessing the setup menu. Furthermore, error number and status can be automatically displayed when the error is detected. Character display is On/Off switchable from the subcontrol panel. When the PVW-2800P is operated under the setup menu mode, the initial setup menu is automatically displayed from the character generator.

High Speed Picture Search

By using the search dial incorporated in the PVW-2800P, picture search can be made at various speeds over a range of up to 24 times normal speed in forward and reverse. A recognizable colour picture can be obtained at up to ten times (24 times in monochrome) normal speed in forward and reverse. In the jog mode, tape movement accurately follows the rotation of the search dial in both directions.

Versatile System Interface

  • RS-422A serial interface (9-pin)
    An RS-422A serial interface is provided for versatile editing system expansion and flexible system control. The PVW-2800P will interface with other RS-422A equipped Sony machines.
  • Y/R-Y/B-Y Component Video Signal Input / Output
    The PVW-2800P provides two types of connectors for both Y/R-Y/B-Y component signal input and output: two sets of three BNC connectors or a Betacam 12-pin DUB connector. This component signal interface facility allows full advantage to be taken of the superb performance of the Betacam SP format.
  • Composite Video Signal Input / Output
    In addition to the component connectors, the PVW-2800P is equipped with the composite video signal input / output connectors. The PVW-2800P employs new digital LSIs for video signal processing, including Y/C separation and decoding, so that the composite video input signals can be decoded faithfully.
  • U-matic DUB Signal Output
    With the optional BKW-2030 U-matic DUB Out Kit installed, the PVW-2800P can transfer Betacam SP material to a U-matic VTR through its 7-pin U-matic DUB output connector with minimum picture degradation. This transfer is made without being affected by the performance of the Y/C separator in the U--matic VTR.
  • S-video Signal Input / Output
    S-video signal input/output connectors are also provided so that other equipment with S-video connectors can easily be interfaced to the PVW-2800P.

User Friendly Dial Menu Operation

In order to meet various customized operations, the PVW-2800P is provided with an initial setup menu which has easy accessibility and simple operation. This initial setup menu allows many operational parameters to be preset for operator convenience. The initial setup menu is scrolled and modified by the search dial while monitoring Video Output 3, Monitor out, or the LED Timer display. The modified menu is memorized in a non-volatile memory.

Improved Serviceability

For easy maintenance and servicing, the PVW-2800P is provided with comprehensive self-diagnostics. A digital hour meter is also fitted to indicate the accumulated times of power on, drum rotation and tape running. It can also display the number of threading/unthreading operations.

Detachable Control Panel

The control panel of the PVW-2800P can be tilted at up to 90 degrees. Alternatively, the control panel can be removed from the machine to provide remote control from a distance of up to 5m by using the optional BKW-2010 Control Panel Extension Kit and BK-803 Control Panel Case.

19-inch EIA Standard Rack Mountable

With the optional RMM-100, the PVW-2800P can be mounted into a 19-inch EIA standard rack without taking off the side panel.

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