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BVW Series Betacam

Models Overview Features Specifications
Superior Audio/Video Quality
  • High picture quality, using the Betacam format
  • Two longitudinal audio channels with Dolby C Noise reduction
  • Built-in Time Base Corrector
  • Built-in EBU time code (LTC) generator and reader
  • RS-422A 9-Pin interface
  • 36-Pin interface
  • Y/R-Y/B-Y component signal input and output via BNC or 12-pin DUB connectors
  • Composite input/output connectors
  • Optional TBC Remote Control Unit
  • U-matic 7-pin Dub input/output
User Friendly Operation
  • High speed picture search provides recognizable colour picture at up to 5 times normal speed in forward and reverse (16 times in monochrome) with the optional SVRM-100A Remote Control Unit.
Reliability and Serviceability
  • Hours meter.
  • 19-inch rack mountable
  • Frame accurate editing
  • Assemble and Insert (video, audio CH-1, audio CH-2, and Time Code)
  • Auto rewind/stop

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