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Optional Accessories (by part number)
For the UVW 1800 / 1700 / 1600 / 1400 / 1200

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AC-550CEAC Adapter
BC-1WDCEBattery Charger
BC-410CEBattery Charger
BC-L100CEBattery Charger
BKW-L601Battery Adaptor
BP-90ANi-Cd Rechargeable Battery
BP-L60/L90Rechargeable Battery Pack
BVX-10PComponent Colour Corrector
C-74Condenser Microphone
CAC-12Camera Mic Holder
CAC-4Chest Pad
CCQX-3Power Supply Cable
CCZ-A2/A10Connecting Cable (26pin-26pin)
CCZQ-A2/A5/A10Connecting Cable (14pin-26pin)
CMA-8ACEAC Power Adaptor
DC-500Battery Case for 90A
DC-520Battery Case for NP-1B
DC-L1Attachment Kit to charge NP-1B
DC-L90Attachment Kit to charge BP-90A
DR-100Intercommunication Headset
DXF-601CE1.5inch Electronic Viewfinder
DXF-40BCE4-inch Electonic Viewfinder
DXF-50BCE5-inch Electonic Viewfinder
ECM-670Electret Condenser Microphone
EC-0.5C2Microphone Cable
FS-20Foot Switch
LC-421Carrying Case for UVW-100P
LCR-1Rain Cover
LC-304SFTSoft Carrying Case
LO-32BMT2/3inch Lens Mount Adapter
LO-23Flexible Cable Unit
NP-1BNi-Cd Rechargeable Battery
RCC-5G/10G/30GRemote Control Cable
RM-81Remote Controller
RMM-130Rack Mount Unit
S16X67BRM-18BLens F1.4, 6.7~107mm
SVRM-100ARemote Control Unit
UVWT-10MA/20MA/30MASmall Videocassette Tapes
UVWT-60MLA/90MLALarge Videocassette Tapes
UVR-60PTBC Remote Control
UVWT-10MA/20MA/30MAVideocassette Tape
VA-300PPlayback Adapter
VCT-U14Tripod Adaptor
VCL-714BXLens F1.4, 7.5~105mm
VCL-713BXLens F1.4, 7.5~97.5mm
VDC-C512-pin Dubbing Cable
WRR-855A/810AWireless Microphone Receiver
WRT-810A/830AUHF Wireless Microphone
WRT-820UHF Synthesized Transmitter
WRR-810UHF Synthesized Tuner
YH17X7KRSLens F1.4, 7~119mm

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