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PVW-2650 Overview

PVW Series Betacam

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The introduction of the PVW range marked affordable Betacam SP machines with PRO features such as Dynamic Tracking which are missing from the budget UVW series. Hi-fi AFM audio is not included in this range but as it is not suitable for editing this omission has largely gone unnoticed.

The PVM-2650P player sits along side the PVW-2800P Recorder/Player, PVW-2600P Player, PVV-1P1DXC-537P and PVV-1P/DXC-327AP in the PVW series range.

The Dynamic Tracking function, originated by Sony, enables playback of high quality, noise-free pictures over the range of - 1 to +3 times normal speed. The PVW-2650P is also equipped with a built-in Time Base Corrector and Time Code Reader As well as composite and component video outputs, an S-video Out and an U-matic Dub Out capability plus an RS-422A control port are provided. This comprehensive interfacing makes the PVW-2650P very easy to integrate into editing systems.

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