Steadi-car-cam-ing in a Citroen 2CV

Walter Steenvoorden

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Machines: Philips DCR-200/BVW-75P/UVW-1800P/Ikky HL-V79W (DVCPRO)

The most exicting thing I've ever done was a shoot in a Citroen 2CV (Known here as the Ugly duckling). I located myself standing up (the roof wich was can be pulled down) with a HL-V55 Betacam SP. I was secured with two belts who ensured i did not go flat on my face. Behind the "ugly duckling" where 2 people (a interviewer and a geust) on bicycles (How dutch is that?). I still got a very nice photo of 2 people riding bycicles behind a 2CV with me and a HL-V55 sticking out of it.The guy behind the wheel yoked a lot about being the worlds cheapest ENG van... The shoot went perfect, luckely the cycling took place on tarmac. I can recognise HL-V55 shots inmediatly, the colours are much more "Celluloid 16mm-like" colours then "sony-like" videocolour.

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Submitted 29 November 2000 14:31