SX vs Digi Beta & more

Amber Barsby

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Beta SX is an extremly cost effective format. A DVW90WSP, set up well, with a decent lens & graded - will produce images comparable to Digi Beta. Don't look for the multi generation performance though. From what I've seen, SX begins to fall apart at around 12 SDI generations. SX VTRS used in a linear enviroment take a little time to get used to. Particually in the lag time in precise jogging. Also when in high speed search, vast chunks of recorded vision just don't appear. UVW Betacam SP camcorders should be avoided at all costs. While the pro equipment (DXC/PVW) is closer to broadcast, UVW cameras with their poor grade 1/2 inch CCDS are on another level all together.A lower one. Overall resolution is down, while painful vertical smearing is up. These cameras are just toys, poor imatations.

Betacam has come a long way in 20 years. And while DVCPRO & its varients are great formats, I don't think you can beat Beta's 1/2 robustness in the field.

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Submitted Sun Aug 4 13:05 2002